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Independent Electrical Contractors Are Under ATTACK!!

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WSECA has been protecting small independent electrical contractors since 1974. WSECA is the organization that created the state law to allow you to train your electricians in-house and not require you to train them through an apprenticeship program as the unions tried to do in 1974.

It took 100’s of small independent electrical contractors from around the state to stop the unions in 1974 by having the small independent electrical contractor contact their legislators and get the small electrical contractor message out. WSECA DID IT! And you have been enjoying the success of those efforts for decades.

You may have never heard about WSECA but we are still here. Many of us are second generation electrical contractors and were trained through the current open shop electrician training program that is going away. We are now faced with training 01 only through the apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship only 01 training is about to be the new reality!

We lost the fight against 6126 in 2017 and the hard date set forth for Mandated apprenticeship for 01 trainees is fast approaching. July 1 2023. We are stuck with only the Apprenticeship option for training.

There is not sufficient training capacity for 01 electrical trainees!!!

There is just ONE independent shop training option for most areas of the state. CITC. New training program applicants are bogged down in bureaucracy and even after spending huge time and resources and in some cases more than a million dollars have not been able to create additional options for independent electrical contractors who are looking for a training program.

The Apprenticeship Program is Broken!

The Apprenticeship Program was built to accommodate and reflect the policies and systems of the Union schools, JATC’s and unnecessarily limits most aspects of doing business for electrical contractors who are acting as “Training Agents”.

What You Need To Do

We need to work together to fix Apprenticeship, but we must have YOUR HELP to win. We need electrical contractors from across Washington State who will participate in WSECA, contact their legislators, and help WSECA  Insure Apprenticeship is the great training for our future electricians without being unnecessarily onerous.

Independent electrical contractors need to Join WSECA NOW! to Fight this anti-independent electrical contractor apprenticeship structureClick here for details about how to join WSECA and help Correct the problems with Apprenticeship!

Check the EC community Forum HERE to see what your Electrical Contractor colleagues are saying.